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Sustainable clothes: fashion with a conscience

We all love to look our best – but fast fashion can have serious environmental consequences. If you want to get the latest looks without harming the planet, it's time to look at sustainable clothes. Sustainable fashion is more popular each year, so today you'll be able to fill your entire wardrobe with ethically-produced clothes. From shirts and tops to dresses and skirts, ethical fashion looks good and will leave you with a clear conscience. You can even find sustainable underwear and swimwear!

Ethical clothes that will change your wardrobe

What are sustainable clothes? There are several factors considered here. First, you can find clothes made by workers who are treated well, paid a fair wage, and given labour rights. There are several brands who make this clear, which reduces the human cost of your favourite fashion. Additionally, production is usually fully transparent. Knit and sweat clothes made from wool will be produced in an environmentally-friendly way, without any cruelty to the sheep involved. Cotton is often organic, avoiding harmful pesticides. The clothes may also be made from recycled or upcycled materials. Some brands also have tree-planting policies or similar programmes to offset the carbon cost of fashion production. All in all, with a bit of care, it's possible to find clothing that is sustainable and ethical every step of the way.

The best fabrics for sustainable clothes for women

When shopping for sustainable clothes, it's important to think about the environmental impact of the fabric. Generally, if human-made fibres are used – for example in sportswear – they are recycled. Organic cotton and organic linen are both very common choices. You'll often find them used in jeans and trousers, or blouses and tunics. Cotton is more versatile, while linen has unique properties that give it a gently rumpled look, making it ideal for lightweight summer clothes. For special occasions that demand luxury, it's also possible to find organic silk, produced in a way that is far less harmful to the environment. Look out for Lyocell, too. This is a modern, new fabric that is made from wood pulp; it takes a material that would otherwise be destined for the landfill, and transforms it into something useful. The result is a fabric that is super soft, with a texture similar to viscose. For your winter jackets and coats, look for organic wool.

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