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Baby shoes: the right shoes for your little one

Baby shoes for your little girl or boy should be totally adorable. Before your baby can walk, shoes don't need to provide support for steps. However, they still have a very important practical role to play. They should keep your baby's feet warm in cold weather. When you go for a walk with your pram, those little feet will be poking out – so keep them cosy! A practical pair of baby shoes should be easy for you to take off and put on, even if your little one is kicking. On the other hand, they also need to be very secure. Your baby can't tell you if she loses a shoe while out on a walk, so there can't be any chance of one falling off. Low shoes are a good choice for little feet; there’s less possibility of rubbing against delicate skin.

Pre walkers baby shoes: Looking seriously cute!

Some of the cutest pre walker styles out there are miniature copies of adult shoes. These might look like sneakers, ankle boots, or sandals. Make sure they're nice and comfortable; the inners should be softer and cosier than a grown-up shoe. Look for cute colours, too. Your baby may not care, but bright, happy colours will have a positive effect on the whole family's mood. Alternatively, rather than looking for mini adult shoes, you can go for the full cute effect. Look for baby shoes that are shaped like little animals, or that have decorative styles like smiley faces, rainbows or teddies. After all, you only get the chance to have your child wear these once in their lives!

Shoes to celebrate your baby's first steps

Once your baby starts walking, their first-step shoes will need to be supportive and should have a decent grip on the bottom. Those first steps can be wobbly, and they are unlikely to stay upright for long – so give her every bit of help that you can. For winter, a pair of boots is a great idea. These will offer support to the entire foot and ankle, which can really help with those first steps. Otherwise, look for comfortable sports shoes. Lace-up trainers are cute, but Velcro offers a great alternative. It's quicker and easier to do up and undo, so if your baby loves to squirm and wriggle, it may be a better option than a pair of lace-up baby shoes – and can still fasten just as tightly.

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