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Underwear for girls: the right solutions for growing bodies

As your daughter grows up, the underwear for girls that she needs will start to change. In particular, as she nears her teenage years, it might be time to think about a bra. Training bras are a good solution to get her used to wearing one; she can then progress onto bralettes, which provide a lightweight, comfortable alternative to a full bra. Underwear for girls should always be functional first and foremost. When you're choosing panties, let your daughter decide what she finds comfortable. Explore different cuts and rises. Many young girls feel more comfortable in a full brief or boy short, which provides more coverage.

Choosing undergarments for girls for everyday comfort

As well as bras and panties, your daughter's collection of underwear for girls must include socks. For schooldays, there may be a set colour scheme you have to follow – but for the weekend, there are no limits! Go for bright, fun colours, and look for prints that reflect your daughter's personality and interests. If she likes to wear dresses and skirts, she'll also need a selection of tights. Be aware that girls who love to play outdoors may end up with ladders in thinner tights easily. It's a good idea to choose a thicker fabric, or you'll have to replace them more often than you want! Try different colours of tights, and don't neglect patterns and prints here, either. Be bold, and give your daughter the chance to experiment and show off her own unique sense of style.

Underwear for girls to wear at night

Finally, underwear has to include a good selection of nightwear. What your daughter wears to bed is a very personal choice, but generally, stretchy jersey fabrics are a good starting point. These are more comfortable than rigid alternatives, as they move around with her body. A wide, elasticated waistband won't dig into her skin, giving extra comfort at night, while a fun T-shirt always makes bedtime more enjoyable. In winter, you'll want to add a few extra pieces. A plain vest is a good choice. Choose a colour that can't be seen under her school uniform, and she'll be able to wear it every day. If you live in a cold climate, thermal underwear for girls may be necessary. It's not the most glamorous part of anyone's wardrobe, but it's certainly useful!

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