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LE SPECS Sunglasses 'Swizzle' in Black: front


$ 62.90
Available sizes: One size
LE SPECS Sunglasses in Brown: front
More sustainable


$ 94.90
Available sizes: One size
LE SPECS Sunglasses 'Bandwagon' in Black: front


$ 62.90
Available sizes: One size
LE SPECS Sunglasses 'Teen Spirit Deux' in Black: front


$ 62.90
Available sizes: One size
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Choosing the right sunglasses for men

Your choice of sunglasses depends, first and foremost, on your face shape. If you have a round face, look for angular shades with clearly defined corners. These will help to make your face look longer, cutting down on the roundness. By contrast, a square face works well with a pair of round shades to bring a bit of softness. An oval face looks good with most styles, giving you the chance to play around and experiment with different frames. Think about how your facial hair works with your sunglasses, too. If you're rocking a big, thick beard, then look for a smaller pair of shades; if you go too big, you'll risk all your features disappearing!

Men's sunglasses for staying safe in the sun

We know that sunglasses for men look cool – but they have to be practical, too! If you have blue or green eyes, then they're likely to be extra sensitive, so you should take particular care when buying the right pair. However, everyone should pay attention to the different options when it comes to safety. A pair of polarised lenses will reduce glare, which makes them a safer choice, particularly if you're driving. To block out strong rays, look for a pair with at least a UV400 rating. When it comes to the lens colour, people often say that one colour is safer than others – but the good news is, that's not necessarily true. Feel free to choose whichever colour you prefer, which will work with your style.

Styling sunglasses to look cool

Yes, sunglasses for men are undoubtedly one of the coolest accessories around. How do you look your best in them, though? To start, make sure you don't wear your shades indoors. It's a rock star cliché, but no, it won't make you look like a celebrity, and is more likely to cause eye-rolling than anything else! Don't wear your sporty shades all the time, either. On a formal occasion, a pair of reflective sports sunglasses will just look out of place. It's a better idea to save them for casual moments, and have another pair ready for smarter occasions. Want to rock shades in your everyday life? For a cool, Italian-style look, pop on a pair of oversized shades and match them with a loosely worn scarf, wrapped just once or twice around your neck.

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