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Men's swimwear: what you need to hit the waves

Ready for the beach? Then you'll need some good men's swimwear! There are plenty of styles of men's swimming trunks. The classic briefs are always popular with competitive swimmers, but some men like to wear them for casual occasions at the beach, too. However, they are very unforgiving. If you're not confident showing off your body, then stick to the comfort of swimming shorts. These are available in different lengths and cuts. Guys who like surfer style usually go for longer shorts, which might hit you at the knee. If you really want to get the full surf look, choose a fun colour, or look for interesting prints. Tropical-inspired motifs are always popular, and will be a great hit at the beach.

Choosing swimwear for the pool

Men's swimwear for the pool can be a little different from beach swimwear. If you're serious about swimming, you might want to opt for a pair of brief-style trunks. They should fit tightly and give you the chance to move your legs freely as you do laps. If you're not trying for competitive times, feel free to wear a pair of swimming shorts. Of course, you will also need some accessories. Goggles and a swimming cap are essentials for the pool, but don't forget about your feet! A pair of flip-flops or slides are the most hygienic choice to wear at the poolside. They should be made of rubber or plastic, with strong, sturdy grips on the soles to keep you from slipping.

Swimwear for men: it's all in the details

When choosing men's swimwear, it's important to think about purpose. Generally, the tighter-fitting and shorter the trunks, the better they will be for swimming at speed. Baggier trunks can get waterlogged and weigh you down. Casual swimmers might not notice this, but serious swimmers definitely will! On the other hand, loose-fitting trunks might feel more comfortable on the beach, particularly if you're spending all day on the sand, and you're planning some other activities such as volleyball. A longer pair of loose trunks can also take you to cafés and bars; just slip a T-shirt on over the top. If you're surfing or trying other water sports, look for a pair of shorts with a drawstring. This will enable you to get a tight fit, and keep everything right in place!

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