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Running shoes129
ADIDAS PERFORMANCE Running Shoes 'Galaxy 5' in Blue: front


Running Shoes 'Galaxy 5'

$ 54.90
Available in many sizes
ADIDAS PERFORMANCE Running Shoes 'Questar' in Black: front


Running Shoes 'Questar'

$ 87.90
  • +1
Available sizes: 39-39,5, 42,5-43, 44, 44,5-45
ADIDAS PERFORMANCE Running Shoes 'Duramo' in Black: front


Running Shoes 'Duramo'

$ 62.90
  • +3
Available in many sizes
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What to look for in men’s running shoes

Serious about running? Then you'll already know about the importance of sportswear and running shoes. If you're new to this sport, you might not have realised how much thought goes into buying a pair of trainers! You can't just throw on any pair of walking shoes; a good pair of men’s running shoes are made specifically for the discipline. If you're into distance running, such as half or full marathons, you'll probably want shoes with a solid amount of cushioning that will give you comfort over the long hours on your feet. However, sprinters often prefer lightweight sports shoes. These have less cushioning, but they can shave valuable microseconds off your time.

Choosing the right running shoes for you

Every pair of feet is different – so when it comes to men’s running shoes, there's no 'one size fits all'. Competitive runners may want to look into gait analysis. This will help you see if you have a tendency to over-pronate; in this case, you'll want men's running shoes that will provide stability and support. Take a good look at the grip on the soles of your chosen shoes. This is especially important if you're into trail running. When the weather's wet, outdoor shoes with a strong grip will ensure that you stay upright. Trail runners often favour more cushioning. Look for a lightweight, protective upper and a foam-packed sole that will give you the support you need. Remember, you may want to buy a size up when choosing shoes. If you're into marathons, your feet will probably swell as the kilometres pile up.

How to take care of your running shoes

Even the best pair of running shoes won't last forever. You'll want to replace yours every 500 – 750 kilometres. Changing from an old to a new pair can disrupt your training schedule. To avoid this, have two pairs of trainers on the go at any given time, and alternate between them for your sessions. Never wear a brand-new pair of running shoes for a race or long run, unless you actually enjoy having blisters! If it rains on your run, pad your trainers with newspaper when leaving them to dry. Never put them in the washing machine, as it can completely ruin them, and make sure you only wear them for training. Serious men’s running shoes should be used for sports only!

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