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Show off your waist with belts for women

Do you have a drawer full of belts? If not, why not? A belt may be functional – for holding up your jeans – but it can be so much more. Choose fun, fashionable belts for women and you'll be able to instantly transform an outfit. Taking a loose-fitting dress and pulling it in at the waist will give it a completely different look. You can also use a belt to make a dress that doesn't quite fit right look better. If the waist is a little too high or too low, a belt allows you to disguise that. The result? Something that looks perfectly tailored for you!

How a big, bold belt can define your figure

A statement belt is a great way to make a dramatic statement. Wide belts are fantastic if you want to create an hourglass figure. They're ideal worn with a dress – or, for something a little different, try pairing yours with your favourite jumpsuit or playsuit. It will have the same effect of nipping your waist in, emphasising the curves of your figure. If you don't have much of a waist, this is your chance to create one! For a sleek look, wear a wide black belt with a black dress; you'll get bonus fashion points if it has a gold buckle. Otherwise, choose a belt in a contrasting colour. If you're confident in your colour matching skills, this is your chance to go wild! If not, keep it simple, and let your smoking hot hourglass figure grab all the attention.

Skinny belts for a fashionable look

Belts for women don't have to be even remotely functional to work for your outfit. A skinny belt shouldn't sit on your waist; instead, let sling it around the top of your hips to add that extra bit of fashionableness to a plain dress. A chain belt is always worth having in your wardrobe as a secret weapon. Choose one in gold and wear it over a black or gold dress. Ideally, the ends of the chain will dangle for a bit of added interest. A thin leather belt is a style winner, too. If you're going to wear a belt like this, treat it as a piece of jewellery. That means you shouldn't add anything to your outfit that might clash with it – no long necklaces, for example.

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