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Sports: all the clothes you need to stay active

No matter what your favourite sport is, you need the right women's sportswear. Always start with the right foundation: your sports bra should fit closely, without constricting or making it difficult to breathe. The amount of support that you need will depend on your chosen sport. Running and similar high-impact activities demand maximum support, while gentler activities like Pilates do not. If you're just experimenting with a new sport, don't feel you have to rush out to buy new gear. The clothes that you wear for tennis will probably be fine for most ball games – although of course, if you fall in love with a sport, you might want to fill your wardrobe with carefully chosen athletic gear!

Clothing for sports in the great outdoors

If you're going running, then you'll need some appropriate women's sports clothes. As well as your sports bra, you'll want a good pair of trainers and then some shorts or leggings. If it's cold, then a lightweight jacket that you can throw on over your t-shirt will help, too. Generally, when buying clothes for outdoor activities, think about the weather. You'll need some specialist gear if you want to ski or snowboard: big jackets, thick trousers, and chunky gloves are all necessities before hitting the slopes. Wetsuits or neoprene swimsuits are ideal beach and surf gear. The swimsuit that you wear for swimming in an indoor pool may not be suitable for open water!

The best clothing for the gym

Not everyone wants to get lost in nature – but don't worry, you'll also find great sports clothes for the gym. If you're going to fitness classes, then make sure you have adequate support in your bra. You may also want to choose a pair of leggings that have built-in compression. These will sit tightly against your legs, hugging your muscles and making it easier for you to squat, lunge or kick. Yoga is another popular indoor sport. Choose a T-shirt that fits closely against your body. Baggy tops will slip down and get in your face when you're practising inversions, which can be extremely annoying. A good pair of leggings will let you move freely into different positions. Check that they are made from a thick, good quality material. If not, they may stretch too far when you bend over!

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