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Suits for the groom: look smart on your big day

In the run-up to a wedding, all eyes are on the bridal dress – but the groom needs to look sharp, too! If you're looking at men's suits for your big day, there are a few things to take into consideration. First, how traditional is the wedding going to be? For a more classic occasion, certain customs must be followed; if you prefer a modern style, then you can throw the rulebook out the window! If you want a wedding suit that you can wear again on formal occasions, stick to basic black or a similar neutral, such as charcoal grey or navy blue. Wool is a good choice of material, as it is hard-wearing but also smart.

Everything you need to know about wedding suits

The exact nature of a wedding suit will depend on the wedding itself. If you're getting married in the daytime and planning a very formal occasion, then you may need morning dress. A morning coat is longer than a standard suit jacket, ending in tails; you'll look fantastically smart on the day, but don't expect to get any extra use out of it! You will also need a waistcoat to complete this three-piece look. A formal wedding in the evening usually involves a tuxedo or dinner jacket, which you should wear with a bow tie. If your wedding isn't going to be quite that formal, then standard suits will be fine. Add a waistcoat to make it a little more elegant.

The right accessories for your bridal suit

You will need a tie to go with your men's suit; ivory, blue or cream are classic choices for weddings, but you may want to match it to the overall colour scheme of the day. A silk tie is more expensive but is worth it for this special occasion. No other fabric can match its sheer luxury! You'll also want a boutonniere or flower pin. This should go with the rest of the flowers that you've chosen for the wedding; make sure that your best man has one, too. A crisp white pocket square is an elegant addition to wedding suits, along with a pair of quality cufflinks. If things are really formal, you may also opt for a top hat – but only use one if you're in morning dress!

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