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Winning team

Winning team ABOUT YOU x FC Bayern
ABOUT YOU x FC Bayern36

Stay in the game

Six-time Champions League winner, 20-time DFB Cup victor, and 32-time German champion, the unique success story of the traditional Bavarian club now finds its way into your home locker room. In an exclusive collaboration, ABOUT YOU and FC Bayern Munich have teamed up to deliver a sleek, yet bold and high-quality sweat collection that gives an authentic wear feeling. From the classic anthracite “Wiesngrün” to daring neon tones, an abstract logo with artwork and graphics that stand out, this collection carries the values of the 122-year-old club down to the last fiber: big dreams, team spirit, and the philosophy of marrying the past with the future. Triumph together with your club and keep your fashion game strong.

Winning team ABOUT YOU x FC Bayern
Winning team ABOUT YOU x FC Bayern