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BRONX shoes – footwear with attitude

When it comes to boots and fashion trainers with a rock' n roll vibe, BRONX leads the way. Their seasonal collections are always striking; the women's and men's footwear in their range can only be described as tough. Designed to be rugged with a no-nonsense attitude, the brand offer shoes, sneakers and boots that are for dress-down days and weekends. It's a high-end brand that uses quality leather, suede and man-made materials in every item – their footwear is designed to last. Many of their short and long boots come with Cuban heels and a cowboy boot influence. Studs and buckles are used freely in the design detail of the booties, while the sneakers have chunky soles with deep treads. Although BRONX is best known for its line of winter boots, they offer a smaller selection of sandals and light-weight pumps for the warmer weather. There's nothing dainty about their summer footwear, however – true to their roots, the sliders and flip-flops in the range are made with thick straps and hefty soles with a hint of punk rock in every pair.

130 years of confident footwear

BRONX shoes was formed in 1886 and remains a family-run, privately-owned company. With its headquarters in the Netherlands, the tight design team is surrounded by European influences. The designers are proud to use historical fashion styles to base their creations on, with touches of modern-day style to keep the products current. There are stores in over 40 countries worldwide and they boast a roadshow bus that takes the footwear out on the streets for fans to touch, feel and try on. The brand's ethos is about creating products with a passion and doing every stage well. It's about empowering people to wear what they want to gain confidence with every outfit they wear.

BRONX is denim-friendly

The boots in this collection aren't for shy folks – they're designed for people who like to make a bold statement. Much of the range comes in black leather, but for a splash of colour, check out the sneakers and pumps & high heels range. Ankle boots have eye-catching details such as zips and studs; paired with ripped jeans, they make the perfect kick-ass style for the daytime. Fashion trainers with blocky soles look edgy worn with skirts and thick tights; matched with leather-look leggings, it's a comfy outfit that doesn't compromise on looks. The brand is also known for their cowboy boots – some have a classic design and others have extra details so they really stand out from the crowd. Cowboy boots are traditionally worn with faded jeans but there's no reason to stick to these rules. Pair them instead with button-front dresses for a summer look that will take you anywhere. Biker boots offer hard-wearing chic that goes with sweatpants, chinos and jeans. No matter where you need to go, BRONX shoes can be worn from morning to night – so get your pair of shoes now online!

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