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Cotton On: true pick and mix style

Cotton On is an Australian label that has a strong passion for cotton blends in modern fashion. Say goodbye to the days of drab yet comfortable clothing and say hello to the world of block colours, cute prints and a true spectrum of individuality. Ranging from a traditional aesthetic and subtle tones to the loud and more extravagant, this brand offers a wide choice of apparel with quality and affordability in mind. Their elegant cuts and pretty prints make dressing for the right occasion a piece of cake. Sizing isn't an issue; curvaceous or petite, short or tall, the look is completely universal. For work or play, for a party or exercise, you can comfortably mix your style in a way that truly expresses you.

When the world finally started to Cotton On

In 1988, Nigel Austin, an eighteen-year-old entrepreneur, sold his first denim jacket from the boot of a Ford Bronco. After the successful sale at Beckley Park's Saturday Market, he dreamed bigger and, in 1991, opened his first shop in East Geelong. Before long, a second store was opened, and his cousins were helping him run both businesses. The label started to expand, opening shops all across Australia and soon after jumping coasts with a shop in New Zealand. Within time, the brand experienced exciting growth with regular launches of new lines and a new focus on sustainability. Eventually, the brand started to give back to society with the launch of the Cotton On Foundation; a charity that works closely with the United Nations to create projects that offer education, infrastructure, sustainability and healthcare for people around the world. The brand continues to develop sustainability options at home, as well as with local and international suppliers and manufacturers. Their message is 'ethics' – ethical sourcing, ethical design, ethical suppliers and the ethical treatment of people, not to mention a commitment to the environment. With a broad scope and a committed creative team, the label releases over 100 fresh pieces each season.

How to show off your Cotton On style

This is a smart/casual label, so the options are almost limitless – whether you're dressing for the office or a day playing hooky. Stay safe with monochrome dresses and blazers, or live it up with bold prints from their blouses & tunics range. Mix and match with some subtly coloured trousers or skirts, and you'll find comfort in your clothes as well as your soul while you hang around the water cooler. If you're meeting a friend for hot chocolate in winter, jeans coupled with something from their colourful jumpers & knitwear line will really hit the spot. Cover up with one of the surprisingly cosy between-season coats for the trip. Hanging out around the town this summer? Some cute patterned shorts would blend nicely with one of the fun shirts & tops on offer. From the gym to the club, you can jazz up your wardrobe with gear from Cotton On.