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Hit the denim sweet-spot with Lee

Lee jeans have been a fashion icon since the 1950s so they know a thing or two about denim. Balancing hard-wearing fabric with stylish good looks, their clothing for women is ideal for everyday life. The brand captures modern-day style with a vintage feel, whether it's bootcut, straight leg or skinny fit jeans you're after. Although they are best known for their line of hard-working jeans, their expertise doesn't stop there. Shirts, T-shirts, sweatshirts and denim skirts also feature in their collection of casual clothing. Along with a choice of women's wear, the men's jeans, shirts and jackets are crowd-pleasers too. Some items have a hint of country and western about them, but they all have a confident vibe that will stand the test of time.

From grocer to style icon

Henry David Lee launched his first grocery business in Kansas in 1889. By 1912, he recognised that there was a gap in the workwear market, and set up a factory producing overalls and dungarees. Before long, every workman and farmer in the US owned a pair to protect their clothing worn underneath. In 1925, H.D Lee branched into the cowboy clothing market and made rodeo outfits, but the biggest change came in the 1950s when Marilyn Monroe and Marlon Brando wore jeans on screen. Denim jeans and jackets became instant must-have items, a trend that changed the face of fashion the world over. With the passing decades, the brand has kept up with the times adding styles to the range as fashions change. No matter what your style, you're always guaranteed to find jeans in the fit and shape that suits you. One thing that has never altered, however, is the quality and durability of the clothing. Quality materials and years of experience in manufacturing makes sure of that.

Lee for the look you want to create

For jeans that'll see you through the thick and thin of life, you know you can rely on this range. Jeans are at the foundation of any wardrobe, and you can never own too many pairs. Have a choice of dyes and fits at your fingertips, so you can grab the perfect outfit at a moment's notice. Faded denim goes well with oversized shirts & tops, or sweatshirts & hoodies for lazy days and laid-back weekends. Pop on a pair of high-heeled pumps with your skinny jeans, and you are ready for a night out on the town. Denim mini skirts paired with black biker boots give you an edgy look that rocks. Or go for wide-leg jeans and trainers for the perfect preppy style. When it comes to a timeless, wardrobe classic, you can't go wrong one of the brand’s denim jackets. It'll soon become your go-to piece that can be worn with everything from midi skirts to formal trousers. Get ready to create your look your way and load up with iconic essentials from Lee.