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Z-One – fashion made for curves

Remember the time when fashion for curvy women basically consisted of a range of overly frumpy jeans and t-shirts that fit no one well? Luckily, those days are numbered with fashion by Z-One. With cuts so flattering and designs with your curves in mind, the label offers nothing less than high-quality, affordable pieces for your wardrobe. With a focus on all-round fashion, Z-One isn’t overstretching itself to give you outfits for almost every occasion. With a blend of playful patterns and neutral tones, your wardrobe will manage to stay fresh every season. Some pieces also focus on classic cuts, ensuring that you can get plenty of wear out of them. Keeping quality and affordability in mind, Z-One strives to offer modern chic that is kind to your wallet as well as your curves.

Z-One – a part of a bigger picture

In 2012 a group in Hamburg, Germany wanted to create affordable fast-fashion for everyone on the planet. Thus, TAM Fashion was born, inspiring young designers to keep the world trendy with new styles. With several lines on offer, the company quickly took off. As the company had a major focus on everybody, Z-One became their label for self-confident and curvaceous women. With stores in Germany and over 40 countries worldwide, the label has become available to women from all over the world. With over 3,500 styles per year with attention on the total look, the company ensures even distribution across the ranges and numerous style opportunities for all, this label included. They value integrity, team-work and enthusiasm with a strong market focus to ensure the biggest trends are on offer. As designers are invited to express themselves through their pieces, the seasonal lines cater easily to all tastes and styles.

Finding your comfort Z-One with the perfect outfit

Combining pieces by Z-One for your look is an easy task. The ensemble that suits you will be what breeds self-confidence. If you find comfort in jeans, shirts & tops, a range of colours, cheeky patterns and monochrome colours await you. Mixing up your look with dresses showing off playful cuts or frills can be a welcome change if you finish it off with jackets of various fabrics and colours. Neutral or monochrome can complement a more loud print or pattern. Braving the office environment with bright trousers combined with toned-down blouse shirts can instil confidence, making you feel brave enough to speak your mind. Flattering jackets can easily finish the look if it’s a bit cooler. For a night out on the town, mixing together neutral dresses and imitation leather jackets can make you ready for a chilled night at the pub or a wild night on the dancefloor. For a more casual evening or a day out with friends, light blouses & tunics would go great with jeans and between-seasons coats to give you a laid-back look. Whatever you are looking for – you can be sure that the Z-One online shop will offer your new favourite pieces!