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Try a bold new look with jewellery on sale

The jewellery sale is one of the best places to pick up new bits and pieces that can transform your style. Accessories allow you to express your personality. Whether you want to keep it simple and classic, or you prefer to go for big, bold and colourful pieces, jewellery lets you show off your style, and can bring your outfit together. When you're wearing jewellery, remember that less can be more. If you're wearing a fabulous necklace, then either keep your earrings simple, or forget them altogether. Go for a statement bracelet or a chunky cocktail ring, but not both together. If you're going to wear multiple pieces, make sure they are harmonious. Don't let different metals and styles clash; pearl earrings with a hippie-inspired leather necklace will seem jarring and out of place.

Jewellery at clearance prices: find your signature style

Not sure what accessories are right for you? Browse the selection of jewellery on sale to find out. Think about the clothes that you usually wear. V-neck tops and dresses look great with necklaces; however, if you often wear printed t-shirts, or tops with complex necklines, forget necklaces. Like to wear your hair up? Then choose bold earrings that you can show off. If you always wear your hair down, your earrings may be hard to see, so it's difficult to make a statement. Bracelets are a great choice with short sleeves or 3/4 length tops, but remember that if you wear a watch, you'll have to make sure everything looks good together.

Choosing gifts for friends and loved ones

Beautiful metal trinkets are a classic gift – and if you can get jewellery on sale, even better! If you're buying jewellery for someone special, first look at what they usually wear. Someone who never wears earrings probably won't appreciate a pair. On the other hand, they may already have a signature piece they always wear, perhaps with some sentimental value; if so, don't try to compete with it. Think about their personal sense of style. Is it preppy, Bohemian, urban, punk...? There are pieces of jewellery to go with every one of these, so choose carefully! If in doubt, be sure to ask one of your loved one's friends for advice. That way you can be sure that the present will be much appreciated!

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