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Sports shorts to get ahead of the pack

Whatever form of exercise you prefer, you'll need the right training pants. Sports shorts are a popular form of sportswear that make a breezier alternative to leggings and tracksuit bottoms. These are great for exercising outdoors in summer, or indoors at any time of year. You could choose a tight-fitting pair that essentially fit in the same way as cropped tights or go loose and keep it breezy. Choose whatever you feel more comfortable in – there are no rules here! Just check that your shorts will allow you a full range of movement, and you're ready to go.

Practical details to look for in women's sports shorts

If you're a runner, then you might want to find a pair of women's sports shorts with at least one secure pocket. Open pockets are not ideal on sports shorts. Instead, you'll want them to have a securely zipped closure, allowing you to store your keys and any other essentials while you're out pounding the pavements. Check the fabric that the shorts are made from, too. Technical fabrics are usually the best choice for sportswear. You'll want them to wick sweat away from your body, and to be breathable; this will ensure that you stay cool and dry no matter what the weather is like. Women who exercise outdoors might want to choose sports shorts with a reflective panel, particularly if you tend to run at night.

Choosing sports shorts for women that you'll want to wear

There are two basic styles of sports shorts: Tight-fitting and loose. Looser shorts are often a no-no for disciplines such as yoga, as they don't provide you with the same ability to stretch as other sweat pants do. They're fine for running or team sports, though. Tight sports trousers will give you a wider range of movement, just like a pair of leggings, but you might not feel comfortable wearing them out and about as they can be unforgiving. Make sure you're okay with the length of your sports shorts for women. They can vary quite significantly, from just above the knee to hotpants. If you have bigger thighs, you'll probably want to keep your shorts on the long side. This will prevent your skin from rubbing together uncomfortably while you're on the move, which can lead to redness and chafing. Women with a high waist to hip ratio should look for sports shorts with drawstrings, which can allow you to pull them tightly around your waist for comfort.

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