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Sports bras: Don't exercise without them!

Whatever your favourite sport may be, don't even think about playing without a suitable sports bra! The most important thing to consider when you buy one is support. The amount that you need depends on several things. First, think about your chosen discipline. If you like to partake in a high impact sport, such as running, football or tennis, you'll need a high support sports bra. You should also consider the size of your bust; generally, the bigger your chest, the more support you'll need. Finally, think about your own comfort levels. The more you exercise, the more likely you are to discover your personal preferences when it comes to sports bras.

A high impact sports bra for serious exercise

A shock absorber bra is essential to keep your chest under wraps for physically energetic activities. There are a few things to look out for. Check out the way that your sports bra fastens. You may pull it on over your head; this is a common style, but some women find it uncomfortable –  particularly if your skin is wet. Another style has a zip down the front. This looks seriously cool, and will work as an outer top if you don't want to put a T-shirt on over your sports bra! If you choose a zip-front sports bra, test to make sure that it doesn't rub. There's nothing worse than chafing from a sports bra! Your shock absorber bra may have internal cups; often, there are pockets that allow you to move these around, ensuring that they stay in place after being in the washing machine.

Soft sports bras for lighter workouts

For low impact exercise, like yoga or Pilates, a low support sports bra will often be fine. You might want to choose a bra that you can wear as a top in its own right. Racerbacks are a classic style, but you can also find sports bras with criss-crossing straps. These look fabulous, especially if you're planning to work out without a T-shirt over them. Remember, though, that you don't have to choose a low support bra. Your comfort should always come first – and if that means wearing a shock absorber style for a gentle yoga session, then that's no problem! Always ensure that your sports bra fits you properly, too. It should compress and hold you in place, but not make it harder for you to breathe!

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