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Basics for your run
Running Essentials

Basics for your run Running Essentials
Running Essentials67

Functional Style

Synthetic functional materials such as polyester or nylon are super practical for your running outfit. These materials absorb sweat faster and keep you cool for longer thanks to its moisture-regulating qualities. Keep an eye out for extras like little pockets for your keys when looking for running jackets and pants. Whether you choose a top or long sleeve, shorts or tights – with lots of combination options, your style also comes into its own while you’re running!

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Basics for your run Running Essentials

First things first

Your most important essential: A fitting running shoe! If you mostly run on asphalt, choose a shoe with high damping, that reduces the load on your joints. When picking your shoes, make sure that your toes have enough space both in front and on the sides. Also important for the right shoe choice is your rolling motion. If most of your weight is on the outer edge of your foot when rolling, this is called supination, if your foot rolls inward, it tends to over-pronate. A neutral weight distribution is ideal, you can adjust the support and stability of your running shoes!

Basics for your run Running Essentials