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They fit!
The shoe size guide

They fit! The shoe size guide
The shoe size guide7

These Shoes Are Made For...

Running, climbing, roughhousing - children explore our world with joy and curiosity. It's important that their feet are safe and protected in shoes that fit. But it can be a real challenge to determine the right shoe size. After all, children are constantly growing and should be able to develop unhindered. Shoes should therefore be chosen carefully and not bought hastily, as children's feet are still soft and malleable and the wrong shoe will have a negative effect on their later posture. So get the measuring tape!

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Size finding made easy: In the first step, you outline the child's feet on paper - the larger foot counts. Measure with a tape measure on the outline from the heel to the longest toe. Now add an additional 1.2 cm of length - this takes into account the development of the child's feet. You can now make a cardboard template that can be slid into the shoe of choice for testing - it must not bulge or leave any slack. If the shoe has removable insoles, you can check the length and width of the foot again. Tip: A child wears about 2 to 3 shoe sizes per year, so the fit should be checked regularly. As a general rule, the toe of the shoe should not be too tight to give the little toes enough freedom of movement. Now nothing stands in the way of new shoes!