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Hoop earrings: A fashion classic

A pair of hoop earrings is one of the most basic and popular styles of jewellery around. At their simplest, these earrings are a loop of metal, most commonly gold or silver. You can find different versions, though. Instead of a circle, some earrings have a shape like a heart or big squares. Others have a cut-off hoop that doesn't meet all the way back at your earlobe. Some add visual interest by dangling charms, gems, or other eye-catching trinkets from the hoops, while others are made from a rustic woven thread for a more relaxed style. There are plenty of different sizes, too, from small, subtle hoops to big and bold ones that very nearly sweep your shoulders!

The best hairstyles for hoop earrings

If you have long hair and you want to show off your hoops, it's best to pull it back out of the way. Be careful, though. A tight ponytail and a big pair of hoop earrings can look tacky, so don't scrape your hair too high! Instead, try a low pony or messy bun. Hooped earrings work well with short hair, too, but will require a bit of styling. If you have a bob, just let them dangle below your hairline for a style that draws the eye. For a pixie cut or similar styles, don't go for enormous accessories. They can be distracting and will look unbalanced with your shorter hair. Instead, choose a more modest pair. If you are blonde, you might prefer to go for silver earrings. Gold will stand out better against darker hair.

How to style hoops for maximum impact

If you've got a pair of hoop earrings that demand to be shown off, then make them a focal point. You could sweep your hair up under a newsboy cap or beret, leaving just a few strands to dangle free. This style means that your earrings are sure to stand out! Remember, if you're going for big hoop earrings, keep your neckline simple and unfussy. Don't wear a statement necklace, too. It will look too cluttered. For a sexy look on a night out, try a big pair of earrings with a strapless top. By day, you'll probably want to have slightly smaller earrings. Wear them with a plain, simple top to ensure that nothing clashes; hoops look equally good with dressy styles or with casual, fun clothing.

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