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Hats: The best way to top off your outfit

Hats are the perfect way to crown any outfit! They are an excellent choice if you want to draw attention to your face, cover up a bad hair day, or protect yourself from the weather. You might never have tried to wear a hat – so start by experimenting with different styles until you find one that you really like. Look for cute classic types like a fedora or trilby; to update these for the modern era, you can find them in a variety of fun colours. Don't feel that you have to limit your headwear to neutral tones. Choose bright, lively hats to add a dash of colour to otherwise plain outfits.

Sunhats to stay cool in summer

In summer, you'll want hats that can protect your eyes and face from the glare of the sun. A baseball cap is a classic option if you want to create a sporty vibe. Pull your hair back into a ponytail to get that athletic look. Alternatively, look for a wide-brimmed straw or raffia hat. These can be as feminine as you like; if you want a girly style, look for details like ribbons, lacework or beads. If you don't want to go super feminine, try a country-style, farm-inspired straw hat. A floppy hat is also fun on a hot day. Make sure to choose one in a light colour! When the sun's high in the sky, a dark hat is going to look totally out of place. Finally, if you really want to make a statement, you could always go for a cowboy hat! Choose one in straw for a lighter, summer-friendly look.

The best hats for winter

In winter, the most classic hat for women is, of course, a wool hat. Keep it plain, or go for a cholo style with dangling braids, or one with an oversized pompom on top. Winter is also a great time to break out other styles of hat that you've always been curious about. A newsboy cap makes a fun statement. Tuck your hair into it and add a big pair of earrings for an unusual look that will be a total departure from your normal style. You could even try a beret! Not everyone can pull off this look, but it's a great choice for something a bit quirky and different.

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