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Get tights for warmth and winter style

Every woman has tights in her wardrobe – how else can you get through winter? If you want to wear skirts or dresses during cold weather, then some kind of hosiery is an absolute necessity. We often don't put that much thought into this essential part of our wardrobe, but we really should. The right pair of tights can pull an outfit together. They can even be a statement piece if you choose a pair in a fun colour, or with an unusual texture. You'll be wearing them through winter, so make sure yours are working well for you!

Fashionable tights to create a special look

Most of us tend to reach for nude or black tights, but there's no reason to stop there! If you're wearing neutral colours, let your legs be the centre of attention. Go for bright colours like red, pink or electric blue to add colour to your outfit in an easy, fun way. Alternatively, if you're feeling bold, you can mix colours. Wearing a blue dress? Try mustard yellow on your legs for something a little different. Look for texture, too – and remember, texture doesn't have to mean fishnets! Lace tights can still be warm and cosy, which is what you're looking for in winter. If you're really interested in keeping warm, though, try a ribbed pair. These are stylishly different but also very practical for cold days.

How a woman in tights can look her best

These are one of the most versatile garments around, so you can style them in dozens of different ways. Avoid black shoes with opaque black tights; it'll be too hard to see where one ends and the other begins, and can make you look a bit dowdy. Instead, go for sheer tights, or try a colourful or patterned pair. On the other hand, black hose will really make other colours of shoes stand out. In winter, wear them with tan or brown boots for a fun, classic look. Feeling casual? Yes, you can wear tights with trainers! Just make sure you've gone for funky street trainers, rather than your old gym shoes. You're probably used to wearing a dress or a skirt with your hose. Want to try something a bit different? Put on a pair of sleek, formal city shorts. They'll look great with your favourite heels.

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