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How do I find the right size or fit?Since sizes and measurements differ across brands, it can be hard to find the right size or fit. To make this easier, ABOUT YOU offers the 'Size advisor' tool and some tips, which Read moreHow can I activate cookies?The activation of cookies varies according to the browser:Google ChromeOpen the menu of the browser and click on »settings«. Right below the headline »Privacy«, you will find the bRead moreHow can I subscribe to the newsletter?If you don't wanna miss out on any current offers, you should subscribe to our free newsletter. To do this, simply enter your email address in the section »Subscribe to newsletter«Read moreHow often will I receive the newsletter?Our newsletter is published at irregular intervals. Mostly at a time when there is news from the world of fashion or in case of any special offer; for example, a sale, a voucher prRead moreWhat's the newsletter and what advantages does it have to offer?Our newsletter regularly informs you about current promotions in our online store as well as background stories from the world of fashion. Once you've subscribed to our free newsleRead moreWhy do I not receive a newsletter even though I have subscribed to it?Once subscribed to our newsletter, you'll receive a confirmation email with an activation link. A successful subscription is only finished once the link has been clicked. If you haRead moreWhat can I do if I subscribed to the newsletter, but did not receive the voucher code that I was promised for subscribing?Once subscribed to our newsletter, you will receive a confirmation email with an activation link. Your subscription is only successful after this link has been clicked. You will tRead moreHow can I contact you?Feel free to reach out to our customer service via our contactform at aboutyou.com/h/contact.Read moreHow can I send you my suggestions and feedback?We are happy to receive your feedback, your criticism, and your praise. Send us a message via our contactform at aboutyou.com/h/contact. In all cases, you will hear back from us.  Read moreWhat can I do if I want to lodge a complaint?In case an item that has been delivered by us does not match your expectation, you can return it by using the return slip and stating the reason for return. All the relevant informRead moreWho is behind ABOUT YOU?We are a young company that combines the best out of many different areas:With a strong passion for fashion, unique technology and the infrastructure of one of the world's largest Read moreWhich web browsers are supported?Even though we support all web browsers, we recommend using Chrome.Read moreWhat screen resolution do I need?The website was optimised for resolutions of 960p for iPads and Windows tablets and up to 1280p for bigger screens.Read moreWhat are cookies, and what are they used for at ABOUT YOU?Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer, mostly by websites. Once the website is accessed again, the information from the cookie can automatically be read andRead moreWhat can I do if I have any technical issue with the page?We always try to make your shopping experience great. If any technical problem occurs or something seems to not work as it should, we would appreciate it if you could contact us soRead moreWhat is JavaScript?JavaScript is a scripting language that evaluates user interactions and alters, refreshes and generates website content.Read moreWhy does JavaScript have to be activated?In order to have a comfortable shopping experience in our shop, you should have JavaScript activated to use all our website functions as they were intended.Read more
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