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Get T-shirt bras for everyday comfort

When should you wear a T-shirt bra? For some women, every single day! Despite their name, these bras aren't just designed to be worn under a T-shirt. Their distinguishing feature is that they have smooth cups, without a lot of lace of texture. This means that they can be worn under any thin, tight-fitting top or dress without showing through the fabric. You'll enjoy a smoother silhouette when you wear one of these bras. They are designed for comfort, too; a mid-coverage cup holds your bust in place, so you'll feel secure and supported all day long. Some T-shirt bras have underwires, and most have padded cups. These can be lightly padded, or more dramatically filled – whatever you prefer to wear.

How to keep tee shirt bras invisible

T-shirt bras create a smooth, elegant silhouette, but that effect will be ruined if you can see them poking through your top! Make sure that your band fits correctly, and does not create a line across your back. If you're wearing a close-fitting T-shirt, be aware that there's a chance your bra will be visible. The stretchy jersey fabric of your top may be thin enough to let colour show through underneath. Because of this, you should choose a bra that has a similar colour to your T-shirt, and avoid prints and patterns. There is one exception to this rule, though: if you're wearing a white T-shirt, don't choose a white bra. It's actually more likely to show through, especially in bright lighting. Instead, opt for beige or nude, which will disappear. In fact, nude bras are generally a good choice for staying invisible under your top – but they may not be the sexiest option, so keep that in mind!

Tee shirt bras that don't sacrifice sex appeal

Although T-shirt bras don't have a reputation for being sexy, they can in fact be very appealing. Choose one with padded cups if you want to enhance your décolleté. Look for interesting strap details, too. Although most have simple, smooth cups, they can have unusual and exciting straps. These may include criss-cross backs, halter styles, or complex, multi-strap configurations. Make sure your bra fits well. It may seem obvious, but many women wear the wrong size. Take your measurements every year or so. A loose bra will never be sexy, and neither will one that's too tight!

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