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REEBOK CLASSIC for timeless fashion

REEBOK CLASSIC footwear and clothing offers ageless cool. This lifestyle brand speaks volumes about the wearer – it's about quiet superiority with effortless flair. The first of the must-have products is trainers that are cute enough for casual days out. These are the perfect pair of shoes that look great with jeans and leggings, whether popping to the shops or meeting up with mates. The original CLASSIC shoe we all know and love features a slightly pointed and turned-up toe. While this design icon is still the most popular shape worn, the range has evolved and expanded. Variations to the sole, the shape and the laces mean there's a huge choice of delicious footwear to choose from. And when it comes to clothing, sportswear, shirts & tops, sweatshirts & hoodies, jackets and trousers are all included in this retro-based range. It's a total look for confident women who know what they want.

The evolution of a design icon

In Bolton, England, back in 1900, JW Foster & Son pioneered the first spiked athlete's shoe. The company helped team GB win gold in the 1924 Olympics. In 1958, a British sister company was formed by son Joe Foster, and it was named Reebok after a fast-running South African antelope. Reebok grew into worldwide markets, and in the 1980s, designed the first aerobic shoe for women, called the Freestyle. This design influenced the first REEBOK CLASSIC that was made of leather and was produced as a casual shoe. Reebok lost its soaring popularity for a short while after this, but it never left the scene and joined forces with adidas in 2005 to become one of the biggest sportswear amalgamations in the world. The CLASSIC was brought back into the range, and things really turned around when A-listers in Hollywood were spotted favouring the footwear in 2017.

How to wear REEBOK CLASSIC trainers

Traditional white sneakers are always a winner, and they can be worn with everything on any occasion. The easiest way to style a pair is with turned-up jeans revealing a small amount of ankle. Sockless or with little frillies, you can go from the school run to a long lunch and look divine for both. If you prefer an athletic look, pull on neat sweatpants and T-shirts but break things up by grabbing a leather jacket with lots of zips. Liven up a pair of black trousers by picking sneakers with a splash of colour. Options include bold soles with vivid shades dyed through the rubber, or laces with a rainbow of colours. For a bold statement, vintage trainers with floral dresses will change things up a bit. Choose opaque tights with a mini skirt for a look that is one of a kind. Of course, you can always turn to them for a HIIT session down the gym paired with shorts and a crop top. Every outfit can be improved with something from REEBOK CLASSIC – so get your own pair now online!